+ - - - - - - Our [messy+imperfect] Easter photos

He gave up looking for candy after his first few and just started unwrapping them and eating them and watched beck grab all the rest. The way he carried his bag was my favorite….he carried it around following Beck during the scavenger hunt the whole time, unless he was stopping to unwrap and eat some candy of course.
I could only make take pictures of this little one if he was helping me with the camera remote…so he was technically the photographer as well. Remember the velcro bow tie I made a few years back? Tutorial here.

Thank heavens for camera remotes and the impromptu desire to take pictures of our little family pre-chocolate mess. I love how my family photos aren’t perfect, Beck pretending to hold a stick (we just took it away in the previous picture) and Oli manning the remote and getting mad if we snatch it from him (first picture), but I actually love that. It shows their little personalities and corkiness. I’m glad I’m stuck with these 3 boys forever.

OUr easter day consisted of a fun egg hunt…then fun scavenger hunt to find their easter baskets buckets (so manly right – actually I ran out room so I had to upgrade) and presents (tee ball set). I will say, when you get older the feeling of some holidays gets lost or you grow out of it. But when you have kids, you appreciate them and love them in a whole different way you know? Then we headed over to their grandma’s and grandpa’s for Easter dinner with the whole family.

Remember that bowtie and skirt? Skirt refashion tutorial here and Bow Tie tutorial here


+ - - - - - - Free downloadable fringe bag E-Pattern




I’ve made many many patterns, but I have never given them out to the public. This is my very first one I will share with you and I hope it all makes sense! I’ve always be in love with fringe and I’m so especially happy that it is a trend right now. So naturally I had to make a fringe bag….and I loved it. Its easy and quick and it was made under $5! Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD - fringetotepattern here! 

+ - - - - - - My thoughts on mom style over at Sayyes

Last week my good friend Liz from Sayyes.com (I love this lady, check out her beautiful DIY site and her cute new squishy baby girl) asked me to give my thoughts on my mom uniform and style and current trends. For details head over there! Something I didn’t add was my tip on mommy bags – I usually go with something inexpensive so I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined, something big, and fashionable – I found something perfect from Old Navy (from the picture above).

When I took these photos Beck decided to photo-boom, so naturally we took a lot of crazy jumping photos. His kind of picture.

+ - - - - - - DIY jersey sweatshirt – styled 2 ways


I spotted a fraying numbered sweatshirt somewhere and instantly thought that this would be the easiest sporty related thing ever. So unique to pair with a skirt or some heels that you are bound to feel stylish. Quick! If you don’t like it later, seam rip off the letters and be on your way.

top: hanes/refashioned   pants/skirt: hm   shoes: steven madden (old)

+ - - - - - - DIY and style inspiration: Sporty Chic

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

I’m in love with the sporty trend! It can be edgy, casual or dressy. With the graphic combos of stripes, numbers, and logos, it creates a very unique and fun new way to dress. I love the many outfit possibilites like adding a pop of colorful running shoes added to the classy wool coat or adding a  bright logo hat a top to the feminine fitted dress.

A few DIYs that can accomplish this sporty trend:
1. Add a stripe up your pant leg or pencil skirt (tutorial here)
2. Slap a sporty number and/or name on it a tee shirt, jacket or sweatshirt. You can do this several ways, freezer paper (tutorial here and here), cut out and sew some numbers to your top (tutorial coming soon), stencil it (tutorial here), or buy some iron on letters.
3. Buy a thrifted (or whatnot) top with a sports team on it and refashion it to be more fitted or what have you (Tutorial here)
4. Buy a very long and oversized jersey, tee shirt, or sweatshirt and take it in at the sides and sleeves and wear it as a cute dress (Tutorial here).

+ - - - - - - Easy gathered girly top tutorial


The first thing that popped into my mind after I finished sewing this top was….wow this is SO Spring-y and girly I love it. My husband’s was…that would look good with just panties (but I digress and tmi…sorry and not sorry). All I needed with this top was a warm sunny day, picnic blanket, lunch, my boys, a bike and trailer, and some flowers hanging from my bike basket. Instead I got a freezing cold and on/off rainy day, parked outside of a random building on a random street with my littlest napping in the car 5 feet away as I was peering in on him in between pictures to make sure he wasn’t waking up. When will spring really get?!  Oh and did I mention this top is PERFECT for pregnancy too?

pants: hm    top: self-made tutorial below   hat: oasap   lipstick:mood lipstick (I’m obsessed)