+ - - - - - - DIY very easy maternity sheath dress tutorial (non-maternity included!)

As a pregnant lady, one of the biggest battles (along with stretch marks and nausea) is fitting into clothing. Let me tell you how much I HATE pants right now. Obviously buttoning them up, or even fitting in them isn’t a possibility. I have 2 pairs of pants that fit me somewhat comfortably but as of last week, one now doesn’t. As you can conclude, I prefer knit dresses and skirts….boy oh boy are they comfy. And cute too! Thus a quick maternity sheath dress is born, also last DIY’s pencil skirt. Hoping to make myself more sane during this pregnancy. I have made quite a few sheath dresses, like a non-maternity floral contrasting one and this refashioned one, which tells you I’m all about the comfort. I really would prefer to tie a jean top around the waist to cover up the booty paired with some all stars and a baseball cap and I’m ready to go run a million errands for my house remodel.

dress: selfmade (DIY below)     non-maternity DIY dress: here and here      hat: h&m        shoes: franco sarto (found at nordstrom rack)   mood lip stain: amazon

+ - - - - - - DIY tee to pencil skirt refashion – worn 2 ways

This was a project that I finished the first week of my morning sickness (all day and night sickness) and loved it and still do ( but never fashioned it due to laying in bed or couch for the next 2 months+ months)! I love how easy and fast it is to make, how resourceful it is for the materials (I’m going to make about 20 of these to wear instead of pants for the next 6 months), how cute the end product is, how comfy it is, and etc. I did initially make this from a polo shirt, mainly because it had cute gray and black mini stripes, so you see the polo button line going down the middle of my bum. Which I actually love. This is one of those throw it on kind of skirts, where you can top it off with a sweater and knee high boots perfect for when you’re in a hurry…and you will still look dressed up. My kind of outfit.

IMG_5278ct-shirt skirt

+ - - - - - - Where I’ve been

I started to notice last spring that the more I focused on being a mother and giving them my extra time, the happier and more cheerful I was. I started to feel a little relaxed even. Over the past 3 plus years most of my mental creative focus went to my blog and all my extra time and energy too. You would see me running into my sewing room with kids on my lap or during nap times or hushing kids as they tried playing with me and I was typing away at my computer. Admittedly, I started to feel guilty. Blogging and sewing was at one point my obsession and passion, but after having a few kids, and they got a little older, it became more of a chore. A nagging in the back of my mind. This only started feeling that way in the last year or less really. I’ve always felt fulfillment from it, that is why I still stuck with it. But I wanted to feel what it was like to just be a wife and mom, 100%. No blogging, sewing, events, social media, everything. Just a mom. I just wanted to relax and let go for a month. or 3. See how I would feel. just test it out. And my conclusion…I gained perspective and appreciation.

But, in the last month, I’ve been itching to do projects, to sew, to share my projects. I’ve misssssssed it. I’m excited to sew and blog again. I’ve realized, I need it. I want it. I just need to let go of my perfectionism. I want to love being a mom and being a blogger at the same time. I do feel accomplishment with being a mom, but I need my creative outlet back. So, I’m back. I have to be.

Halloween was a blast…Beck ran for candy till he dropped and Oli fell asleep after the first house. Oli wouldn’t let me dress him in anything but his batman costume for a week…at least he is a hard worker over at the new house patching away.

But wait….there are some BIG changes I have to tell you about…..
I mean BIG. We bought a house! We started remodeling it and I’m so excited! I had no idea how much time and decision making I would be putting into it. And for an indecisive person that is quite the challenge. I hope you don’t mind some house remodeling before and afters and diys?

I’ve been horribly sick. I mean, I only could eat cereal and toast for 3 months kind of sick. In fact, that sickness hit me a week after my last post in August. Yes, I’m pregnant! 17 weeks now and going strong. In the past week, I’ve just started feeling like I can do things, I have never been so sick with pregnancy. I’m so excited….VERY excited. More details on this next week. Yes something very important to throw at you…but I’m so happy about it I couldn’t wait to tell you all.

+ - - - - - - DIY ruched short sleeve blouse (what I wore to a wedding)


top: diy tutorial below   pants/hat: h&m   shoes: old

I whipped up this top for my sister’s wedding last weekend after failing at searching and searching for the perfect white top to match a full-ish a-line purple skirt from zara (here). You have to have something that isn’t to flowy because of the fullness of the skirt and isn’t knit because I was a bridesmaid and I felt it needed to be a little more dressy. So I quickly whipped up a white top made from drapes (backstory here) and fancied it up with some ruching on the sleeve. 

Here are jut a few wedding pictures from the phone. You can see the top in action and how stinkin’ adorable the little wedding boy outfits were. Oh I’m a sucker for suspenders, bow ties, and high socks.wedweddingmog

1 – 1.5 yards of light to medium weight non-stretchy fabric (polyester, rayon, cotton)
top you can mimic (non-strechy)
sewing machine

1. cut out a top by tracing around another, making sure the sleeves are a few inches longer.
2. Sew the sides and the shoulder seams together, with the main fabric touching (RST).
3. hem the bottom, neckline and sleeve openings 1/4″ and then another 1/4″
4. Gather the sleeves about 2″ to 3″ at the bottom the sleeve along the shoulder seam line.


+ - - - - - - DIY Peter pan collar top with optional zipper or button back

Okay, I will admit I may have started this top a good 3 years ago, and just finished it a few days ago after finding it shoved into a paper bag in the back of my sewing closet. I was planning on originally putting buttons down the back, but opted for a simple coral zipper instead. Even though I’m still wishing I had the original coral zippers I had purchased for them years ago. I know that peter pan collars are all over the place, and have been for some time,  and I thought It would be perfect to share my little tutorial before this cute little fad fades away. While I was finishing this top up, I wished so desperately I had made it in a white, cream or black solid for pairing with sweaters and dresses. If you check out my pin board I recently pinned my ideas there. The one with the high waisted pink shorts is adorable.


2 yards of medium weight fabric
another boxy top to mimic
sewing machine

1. Trace the boxy top onto your fabric and cut out a front piece
2. Cut out two back pieces that will have an extra inch added to the center. This will be for the buttons or zippers or just a plain yet cute seam in the back. Fold and iron down the one inch in from the middle edges of the back 2 pieces. This should now be the same width as your front piece when both back pieces (both folded on edge) are put together, folds touching.
3. Sew the sides and the shoulder seams together, right sides together (outside fabric touching)
**optional Here is where you can install a zipper, buttons or just sew up the middle seam. If you want to add a zipper, follow this tutorial or this tutorial, If you want to sew buttons, use this one or this one.
4. Cut out a peter pan collar by first using a piece of paper or your fabric and tracing the neckline edge out (make sure that your neckline is where you want it). Then trace a peter pan collar or make your own, and cut out 4 from the main fabric (2 one way and 2 the other way). You may want to test it out first, bigger is better because you can always make the collar smaller.
5. Sew 2 of the collar pieces together (as well as the other side) right sides together leaving the neckline side open.
6. Make a neckline facing from this tutorial.
7. Pin the collar (pretty side facing out) and the neckline facing (the wrong side is facing out) to the outside of the shirt’s neckline. Sew the top edge all the way around. concealing the raw edge of the peterpan collar in the facing once flipped inside.
8. flip the inside of the facing inside and top stitch the edge of the neckline to the facing, while your collar is flipped up. Flip down the collar and iron down.
9.+10. Cut out the sleeves by tracing out one of your sleeves (I usually take apart an old shirt or use just the sleeve part to a pattern. But you can make it a little longer and gather it at the top to make it a little poofy at the top. Fold in half right sides together, sew into tube and hem.
11. Slide sleeve RST into sleeve opening while shirt is inside out. So the right side of the sleeve and shirt are touching. Sew along the edge of both. Repeat with the other side. Hem the bottom.
12. Iron and Done!
peter panbig

+ - - - - - - My favorite time of year.

Every single year my little family vacations for the Fourth in a little place called Gualala California. My favorite little retreat in the world. And the best part….you are disconnected from the world. well, mostly. I choose to be disconnected. And I love it. Its a break from stress, a break from social media, a break from my mind. Also, its a plus that I get to be surrounded by my huge 40+ member family. Which is a party all the time. Every day is full of adventures, naps, swimming, ranger rides, sand castle building, eating and more eating, boating, fishing, hiking, scavenger hunting, card gaming, chit chatting, smore making, etc. My kids get to play with their cousins all day. non-stop. I seriously look forward to every single visit to this secluded place and crave it after I leave.
IMG_3271cIMG_3275c IMG_3278c
We hike and ride through the super pretty redwood forest the borders the pond, and you would not believe how pretty it is. It really was that green.
easily tuckered out from non-top play. Quite the perk.
Singing+campfire+smores+scary storytelling = best night ever
IMG_2792cIMG_3323c IMG_3764c
Caught his first fish with his little batman fishing pole – don’t worry – we let the little guy go.
Squeezing in a trip to the nearby beach – a must in California right?
Fourth of july decorations and eating, I have the sweetest nieces and nephews and the more I get to know them the more I love them. Yes, and that is Oli stuffing his face successfully with a Uncle Sam cupcake. And yes, I’m one of those mothers that find my child adorable even with frosting dangling off his face.