+ - - - - - - 2 EASY DIY maternity dresses refashions

matknitdresscoll To finish up this maternity wardrobe series I’ve made a video (yay!) tutorial with my favorite maternity refashion project/outfit to wear when pregnant….the everyday stretchy knit dress that is super flattering because of the optional gather and comfy and….yadda yadda – I can keep going because its an absolute staple in any pregnant girl’s wardrobe! Whether or not you want to be fancy or just hit up the grocery store this is the go-to frock. Personally I liked the gather the most because it hides, eh, the imperfections that pregnancy does to your body (i.e. random back fat, what? why?).

IMG_8120IMG_8208IMG_8116 IMG_8195 IMG_8198

+ - - - - - - 3 very easy maternity pencil skirt diys


+ - - - - - - DIY knit flounce sleeve dress (maternity or non-maternity)

I’ve always been a big fan of ruffle-y and flounce-y sleeves! They are pretty and fun and dress up any style of dress. In this case my maternity sheath dress I made with this tutorial (non-maternity here). It only takes in extra 30 minutes to add to any knit dress (or top!), with great results. As long as the top or dress can accommodate it. My dress was simple enough with the cap sleeves and simple shape.  Imagine attaching them to onesies or other little girlie outfits? Oh the possibilities.  The original non-knit and very non-maternity cropped top tutorial is here.

+ - - - - - - Any top into maternity top – with these 3 diys

The key to get ahold of an oversized top that fits your belly or can be made to fit…then work at taking in the shoulders, chest, length, and if you need to, the belly too. This is a crucial tutorial for trying to make a top work, especially because these tops will be your go-to everyday kind of tops. You have a few easy options! If the top is pretty well fitted and just needs a little taking in up top, then definitely option 1! If the top has some good length to it (whether it needs to be taken in or not) gather it at the side seams and make yourself a cute ruched fitted top – option 2. Or if it is very oversized, then take everything in with detaching and reattaching the sleeves with option 3. I also included what it will look like if something other than a tee shirt is taken in…whether it is a blouse, a button up or what not!

All of these tops were bought bigger, the white and plaid top were taken in with option 1. The black one was not tapered and taken up with option 2.



White outfit : cotton-on pants and top // shoes michael kors // hat h&m
Black outfit: pants sevens // shoes Sam Edelman // necklace thai pan
Plaid outfit: h&m top // nasty gal shoes // h&m hat and pants

+ - - - - - - DIY maternity swing top


+ - - - - - - DIY maternity circle skirt

This skirt is one of the easiest and quickest things to make in your maternity wardrobe. It is super feminine and makes for quite the head-turner. It emphasizes the belly making your waist and legs look smaller! Thats the kind of help we prego ladies need right?? I paired it with my maternity peplum top (tutorial here), springy wedges and straw hat to boost the flirtiness (despite how I’m not feeling so flirty these days of course). Check out the non-maternity knit version here…wishing I had made a maternity one just like this months ago!