+ Blue Eyes in upcycled onesies

   This post is dedicated to my sweet niece, Evie girl and sweet sister-in-law, Allison! I admit, I have been quite spoiled because they have been living only a few blocks away from my doorstep for the past 2 and a half years. And as the chatty Cathy I am, I naturally would stop by their apartment a million times a week and stay for hours. I have loved Allison from day one because she is so freakin’ fun!
    When Allison became pregnant, little did I know I was too! So naturally, I feel that Evie is my little girl, and Beck is my little boy. I say all this because my brother Steve (the baby daddy and Allison’s hubby) is taking them away to Ohio for medical school for 8 years!! Thanks a lot Steve-o. 
     On another note Congrats to Steve! Wooot woooot! I’m VERY proud of him, he is so dang smart and I wish him the best in his schooling and career. He also has been an awesome guy and brother! So, I guess to sum it up – I’m going to miss that wild bunch. 
     Anyway, these pictures were taken for my future etsy business of upcycled onesies, in which I make baby onesies and pants from adult shirts. It is so fun to do! Future DIY tutorial on how to make your own baby onesies in a later post! Evie is wearing a onesie that originally was a women’s long sleeve shirt and Beck is wearing a onesie made from a v-neck GAP short sleeve shirt. Do you think people would buy them?! I hope so! I don’t know how they could resist when Evie and Beck are sporting them. Cutie pies!!!!


  1. Oh Liz! You’re going to make me cry! This pictures of Evie and Beck are so beautiful…thanks so much for taking them. I love them. And I am going to miss you so much! And that’s all I will so or else I will get really sad. You guys are great!!

  2. PS: I definitely think they will sell. They are not the usual onsie and are so cute!


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