+ Orange Creamsicle and Knit Circle Skirt

   As summer makes its hot debut, skirts are worn outside of sunday church and popcycles hang from our mouths. Which naturally gave me the perfect opportunity to have a photo shoot! Thanks to my brother Mike and his B-E-A-utiful bride and model to be, Emily, I scored a great one. These pictures were taken South of BYU campus in Provo, where there are a lot of unique houses, colors, and textures. Keep in mind, I am by no means a photographer, I just love photography and pretend I know what I’m doing. I learned most of my knowledge from – confession time – America’s Next Top Model and other blogs. Luckily, artsy Mike is there and he loves to take pictures too.
   I made the knit circle skirt from a light peachy pink, knit fabric which I hope to sell in my etsy store, which I have yet to start. Most of my designs are simple and made from clean, second hand fabric or clothing, I’m all about recycling and reusing. I bought this particular fabric at Desert Industries (DI), which is a second hand store here in Provo. They sell bags of fabric there for 3 dollars (I have found great stuff. In a later blog I will show how to hunt for fabric and patterns in second hand stores). This is a circle skirt with elastic and ruching at the waist. The belt is thrifted, the necklace was made by Emily herself, and the shoes are AE. In later blogs, Emily will show how to make the necklace and I will show how to make this skirt. I’m excited to work with these two again!


  1. Oh yeah! I couldn’t comment before and now I can! I love love love the skirt Emily is wearing and you did her hair so cute!!! And the Photo skillz are so awesome too!

  2. She looks great in this skirt :)

  3. I want that skirt! Have you opened your Etsy store? Please let me know when you do– @pinterest –> Katie Beard