+ Tee Time

 I went to San Francisco and Gualala, California with my husband’s family to celebrate the fourth of July. It was so fun!  We mostly hung out in the house, played competitive games, rode rangers and 4 wheelers, ate a ton of ice cream and delicious home made food, and made movies for the Gualala Bryson Film Festival. I will have to post the very short movie that my husband made, and hopefully will extend for the Halloween film festival party this October. In gualala there I had no reception or Internet where i was staying, so life was primitive and had to rely on family for entertainment. My in-laws are so great! I has taken a few years, but I finally feel like I belong!
Something new I learned while I was away was to golf. I was really good too! While we golfed 6 holes, I managed to lose 4 balls and hit at least four over par! Okay, that actually is pretty ridiculous, especially for someone who lived off a golf course since the 7th grade. It was so fun though to hang out with the girls without our babies. Step over boys, the women are going to kick your butts at golf one day . . . well, maybe. A definite possibility.
Oh, and Beck has taken up a liking to golf too. Or maybe just the golf balls. It is cute to watch Danny and Beck play together!


  1. So fun! I’ve always wanted to try real golf. I’ve only done miniature! Glad you had fun there.