+ My first kid ruffle coat!

Wynn, an amazing drape maker who makes drapes for the temples, called me up and said she had a ton of extra fabric to give me to help my start up my clothing line! This is the first piece of the clothing line, a kid ruffled coat! So..thank you WYNN from Spanish Fork! I will be using only vintage and upcycled fabric so each piece of clothing will be one of a kind. I’m sooooo excited that I have finally started. Now, all I need is time time time time time…and Beck to sleep longer or more often. Probably not going to happen. One day I will have a seamstress to help me sew, then I can focus more on designing. Oh how I love love love to sew.
This is my sweet niece Alli, who is three, very independent, and so beautiful! She is the BEST little model ever. Her older sister Audrey joins in here and there with her bright blue eyes. It was so fun taking pictures of them, they are so fun and adorable. Thanks Maryann for letting me steal them away!


  1. Liz!! OMG that is so cute! And did you get a serger because some of those shots looked like you had done stuff with a serger! Anyways…are you kidding me? Something like that people would pay tons of money for in a little children’s boutique, so cute!!!!

  2. OK so I know you probably won’t read this, but maybe. So I would love to be your seamstress! I am always thinking of designs and wishing I could just make my own clothing. I would love to design baby clothing and eventually get into women and mens. Wouldn’t that be so much fun??

  3. Totally cute! besides I love the fabric’s choice yet again.

  4. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!