+ Sick Baby = Torture

Since last Friday Beck has been throwing up every time he tried to eat or drink. WHY!?!?!?! 6 DAYS!!!! of not eating and just barfing. Poor baby. I wish I could do something. We had labs done and they say I’ve done a good job hydrating him. But still…..the barfing! I feel soooo bad for the little guy. I give him 2 oz an hour and limit any food intake (if I give him solids guaranteed he will puke). I want my sweet, playful, happy baby back. Sickness bug GO AWAY, we don’t want you here! He has lost 2.5 pounds too. Crazy. That is 10% of his weight.
Okay, okay, I will quite rambling…I hope he gets over it soon and I love the little pipsqueak to bunches, even though every item of clothing I own currently has up-chuck residue. Any advice out there?! What are your sickness stories?

Look at that sweet sweet face :)


  1. He is so deliciously cute! That’s so sad that he has been sick. That’s so crazy. I haven’t seen Evie barf since the spit up days so I wish I had something to contribute but I don’t…other than I’m sure he’ll get over it soon and it’s just that time of year for the flu and that kind of thing. I’m sure you’re doing a great job taking care of him. But it’s true, it is NO fun having a sick baby!!!

  2. What a cutie – you can just see the joy in his face! It makes me want to squeeze him!