+ Circle Skirt

    Hmmmm, a theme may have developed…circle scarf and now circle skirt. I guess I’m on a circle kick. Well, I actually made this skirt for my sister Jaimie in the summer and it turned out soooooo darling. Maybe because my sister is soooo darling. This skirt is literally a full circle, with a gathered waist, to add fullness, and pockets (just because I LOVE pockets). It is that simple! I would recommend at least 3 yards of fabric if you want the skirt to be at least the length of my sister’s skirt. She ended up buying her fabric from Walmart and it only cost $6! Or if you are like me, you can thrift the fabric or find awesome deals at Joann’s or someplace. I added the yo-yo flowers with coordinating colors and contrasting patterns to add a little somethin’ somethin’. Isn’t she darling!
    I took these pictures in the summer and loved how they turned out. Jaimie rushed over to my house, slipped into this little number and worked it. She happens to have the prettiest skin ever and the best legs ever. Jealous. At least Beck was a great little helper and model. Here that GAP, you’re missing out. My GAP kid is better than your GAP kids!
   Also check Jaimie out in another photoshoot! Apple of my eye!


  1. What an awesome skirt?? Do you live in the Provo area? If you do, I would love to get together and sew together!! That would be so fun!!