+ First outfit post!

  Well, I’m starting to post outfits here and there, it will be a more rare thing because I don’t dress up everyday. Why? Like this outfit for instance…I can’t wear white when I’m being a mommy to a messy, messy boy. So, I slip my favorite white tops on when I’m going to dinner with the family, like today. Good TIP I’ve learned over the past year, Accessorizes can make the outfit! When you’re a mom and you feel shluppy all the time in your jeans and tee shirt (ME!), then add necklaces or earrings or big fun rings or headbands or a fun scarf or just top a dressier looking sweatshirt over your tee. Whatever the option, it will take you from drab to fetchin’! Another TIP I’ve learned, put some make-up on or at least wash your face. It always makes me feel a little bit better. I love this outfit because it is cute, yet ready to handle a crazy child. My favorite part about this outfit are the thrifted, vintage Zodiac boots. Thanks Jaimie for taking the pictures.


  1. Adorable! I love those boots. You are so right too, accessories really help us mommies who don’t have the privilage of dressing up everyday. Love your hair!