+ Lengthening pants!

I happened to be lengthening pants today, which I have NEVER done since I happen to be a whopping 5’3″. Oh baby! But, surprisingly, these old Banana Republic pants fit me like a glove but are a tad floodsy.  So, if any of you happen to have growing kids or want to make some of your “flats” pants into “high-heels” pants, then this is your tutorial. I do many many jean hems to shorten (just two yesterday) for family so, no worries…very soon that tutorial is coming. I will show you guys how to hem your pants while keeping the hem looking original! Sweet!
First, make sure you have enough extra jean from the unpicked hem, to see if lengthening is even an option. Here is the original 3 inches too short.
Seam rip the hem.

Follow and cut the jean’s original hem line in order to eliminate the warn fold, making the pants look newer! This isn’t the case for all pants though, if there isn’t any fading or wearing or the discoloration doesn’t bother you, then you can skip to the very last step.

Pin the two pieces right sides together with seams matching. Sew close to the edge to make as much length as possible. I used red thread so you can see the new seam.

IRON! Make sure to press the new heam’s excess fabric (it is on the inside) toward the bottom of the jeans.

OPTIONAL: I prefer this step, but you don’t have to do it if your ironing job is good enough for you! I topstich, with matching thread, the excess underneath down toward the bottom of the jeans.
The last and final step which I haven’t shown because it was at my desired length. So, what you need to do now if measure your jeans to your desired length and hem. Just fold the bottom of your jeans under, pin, and straight stitch with matching thread all the way around the bottom of the jean leg. Now you have restored your old jeans or can actually wear your new ones!


  1. What a simple but great way to do this! I’m one who hates the worn line that appears when a hem is let down. I never once thought of this solution to get rid of it. Thank you so much!!