+ Ruffle Sleeves

This is a super quick and easy refashion! Wether you want to add sleeves to a dress or shirt or want to spice an outfit up, this ruffle tutorial is just for you!

First, measure where you want the ruffle to start and end on the dress (mine was 28 inches). Cut out a circle  in the ruffle fabric thats circumference is the same length of the ruffles (28 inches). Then measure out from that inner circle the width of what you want your ruffle/sleeve to be plus seam allowance and now you have a thick circle. Make a slit in that circle and fold in half. Then make the ruffle taper the way you want. There are many easy ways to do this and this is the way I chose.

Pin ruffle right sides together and sew!

Not very pretty, but works


  1. Liz, this looks awesome! I love the ruffles!

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