+ Christmas Presents I Made!

I had my sweet, 7 month prego, sister-in-law Allison (med school mama) as my secret Santa, and decided to make her an apron and two scarves. Sorry, these aren’t the most quality pictures! Jaimie is yet again the model in some of these.

Sorry Allison for posting this Sexy picture!
I made it small in case you
didn’t want me to post it!


  1. Hahha, that picture of me is completely disgusting but I don’t care that you posted it. I love the aprons and scarves…I’ve already worn them all at some point. Awesome awesome Liz!

  2. PS I’m glad that you modeled the apron on yourself too because my pregnant belly doesn’t do the cute fit of the apron justice (neither do the lovely PJs I have on…).