+ Day 15: Tom Boy to 70s’ Girl

The whole time I was sewing these pants, I was thinking about my mom. She wore some of the cutest stuff in the 70s; platform shoes, peasant shirts, and best of all, bell bottoms. You’ve got to LOVE that style!!! I recieved this pair of pants a few years ago as a gift and wore them once. They are soooo darling, but they never fit me right. Even with high heels and after getting them hemmed, I never loved them. So, I took them in baby! Made them more bell-bottom-y and moved/sewed the buttons on the waistband on slot over to have it fit my natural waist (vs. my hips). Easy!! I have noticed that when refashioning, you can change an entire peice of clothing just by wearing it differently on your body (like natural wasit vs. hips), it gives a whole new look! Katie Holmes and Rachel Zoe like bell bottoms too.

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  1. these look great! and wide-legged pants are so in right now!
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  2. okay, these are AMAZINGGGG. Seriously. You inspire me. I’m making my own bell bottoms ASAP!