+ Day 2: Pink Piping Skirt!

This American Eagle dress was not very flattering at ALL. First, it was loose in all the wrong places and second, I bought it in high school.  I know, I know, I was in desperate need of a closet purge!! I think it had to go…better yet, I think it had to be refashioned!
So, what I did was cut of the top to the desired waist line (plus seam allowance). If you want , you can cut through (don’t use nice scissors for this) the zipper so you don’t have to add one in the end! You just have to make sure the zipper thingy dosen’t fall off by adding a stitch through your zipper at the very top. This makes things a whole lot easier.

Here you take in the skirt to fit your waist, and then you can either do one of a two things; fold the top waist part under then sew or make and sew on piping or bias tape from fun fabric to make a decorative edge! I chose the latter. You can buy some pre-made cording or make it. To make the bias tape, you take a strip of fabric and place the cording in the center and fold over (the right side is on the outside), like a taco. Then sew as close to the cording as possible. Pin and sew the fabric covered cording to the top of the skirt. I made a little bit of a curve to add some extra personality. Fold the piping’s two ends in and sew over it when you reach the zipper or opening. Top stitch if you want!

Then, I sewed the bottom sides of the skirt to make it more pencil-y. Hem and iron.


  1. You did it again! Something so adorable!!

  2. Good work Liz. That is very pretty! I love the piping and the shape you did for the waistband in front. You are very talented. That will go with your new applique sweater as well! I remember when we bought that at TJ Maxx.

  3. You really do have great ideas Liz. Keep it up!

  4. Love the handmade piping!!!

  5. I had that exact dress in 8th grade! shoulda kept it, and done a skirt too! :)

  6. that’s absolutley beautiful

  7. Me encanta esta pollera”’ quiero una así para mi’ voy a ver si me animo a hacerla”’.
    I love it, it is so beatifull, your blog is amazing, congratulations, I don’t speak english very wel but I understand a little…. I,m from Argentina. Good by

  8. This is such a great idea! I have an old dress from Gap that I haven’t been able to let go of and would love to transform it into a skirt. How did you add the piping in the middle? Thanks for the great tutorial!