+ Day 29: Lovin’ the "New Skinnies"

I took an old pair of work pants and skinnied them up! I’ve wanted these type of pants ever since I tried them on at Jcrew last month and was inspired to actually make them tonight because of my sister-in-law’s post today (Em Dickson)!


  1. Way to go Liz! They look great!

  2. You should show us how you do these awesome things with clothes! I want to try but have no idea what to do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow. you are gorgeous and talented! I am going to have to try to do this to some of my pants, especially since I’ve lost weight. I know you are a busy momma, but if you do ever have extra time it would be cool to see a little more about how you do these things! can’t wait to check out the rest of your stuff!

  4. just came across your blog, the pants look great! would you consider making a tutorial? I would love to do the same with some of my trousers…you are very talented!!!

  5. How did you do this? is it hard? I just got a sewing machine but every time i try to use it everything gets tangled and ruined:(

  6. I LOVE IT! I did the same thing with some mustard yellow cords the other day. And I am probably going to stalk the rest of your blog now… :)
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