+ Day 3: Knit Embellishment

This was very easy! I cut the long sleeve off a coral knit long sleeve shirt, cut those sleeves into 1 and a half inch stripes. Then I sewed two pieces together, to make a really long strip. Then I made it a ruffle by gathering it down the center of the strip.  Pin the ruffle to the shirt’s neckline. I would twist the ruffle as I pinned it down the neckline to make it less uniform. Then I would sew here and there down the ruffle. Then I would cuff the sleeve and tack in a few places. Easy huh?!


  1. So cute! Love what you did

  2. now that is something I can do. :) cute Liz

  3. i love it!

  4. way cute, great idea!

  5. Wow Liz! You are really creative and talented at this clothing construction/deconstruction! I am going to send your blog link to everyone I know!