+ Day 4: Frump to Flowy

I was really excited for this project! When I got this idea, I couldn’t help but think about making it all day. 
First, chop the dress below the chest or you can just use a skirt. Then place a tank and cut out the tank top shape only at the sleeve whole and the neckline (just in the front), you can make the bottom whatever length and shape you want! I chose to make the front short and round and the back long and round. Sew the newly cut out straps on the front to the back. Here you can create bias tape or if you don’t have much time, like me then just precisely sew near the edge of all the raw edges of the garment. Then cut two long chunky pieces out and ruffle down the center, ruffle as much or little as you want. Sew one to each strap down the center. Done!
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  1. I love this, it is darling! Good job!

  2. This is super cute and I have a similar dress that I want to do this with but I’m a little confused. Did your dress have a zipper? Mine has a long zipper and I’m not sure if I should just cut through it or remove the zipper. What did you do?