+ Day 5: De-flaring and Patching Jeans

This post isn’t going to be about something in my wardrobe, but in my brothers….I was so excited, not only did my brother come to visit yesterday/today, but he brought something for me to refashion! Wow, I have missed him so much (and sweet Emily too of course)! Mike’s refashioning request….de-flare and patch up his jeans. Thanks Mikey, for being my model! I have never done this before, but totally willing to tackle the challenge. It wouldn’t have been so hard if the inside and outside seams weren’t decorative seams. So, I couldn’t just take it in ya see? What I had to do was measure the width at the knee (the new width of the rest of his pants) or lay pants down on top of the new ones and mark. Now, cut the inside seam upwards till the knee area, pin together making it the same width as the knee area. Then sew up the seam with a matching thread! With patching the jeans, I pinned a piece of matching jean to the inside of his jeans behind the hole, then sewed close and around the hole. Trim the excess fabric. Done! Mikey, you are the bestest! Love you.


  1. whhhhaattt!! why didn’t we have a reunion with the fam!!!!