+ Guess what I bought?!

I’m SOOOOOOOO excited! Today I bought a (drum roll)…………….camera REMOTE!! YAY!! I might have been so excited that all I did tonight was, well, play with the darn thing! Now you will be seeing more of my face! I’m not sure if that is a good thing, but whatever the matter picture taking will now be a WHOLE LOT easier! badda bing!
I practiced this picture taking on an outfit! Oh, and surprise…I made the blue and white striped top underneath. I will post a close up pic of it tomorrow and a new idea I have brewing! I’m excited to see what you guys think!

cardigan: quincee’s boutique, top: self-made, necklace: F21, jeggings: crane (macys), shoes: trouve (nordys)


  1. Um, pretty in love with this cardigan, and I think your blog is darling. Love all the fun sewing ideas! I’m not great at it, but want to get better so I like to try your ideas :)

  2. Got one of these for the husband for Christmas. He LOVES it!!! No longer is he ALWAYS behind the camera. What an ingenious device!

  3. Genius!
    Ps- is the cardigan still in stores or was it from a while a go? :)

  4. No it isn’t! I’m sorry! But I’m sure forever 21 or someplace has a long mustard cardigan.

  5. love your hair and your shoes. and the whole blog. can’t wait to see what else is in store!

  6. can we talk about those shoes for a minute! SHUT UP RIGHT NOW! those are the shoes i have been dreamming of!!! you are too stylish!


  7. Simply jealous

  8. Oh totally have one and it rocks. I use the 2nd delay option allot of the time. It gives you a second (2 to be exact) to hide the darn thing.

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