+ I went a little crazy…just a little.

First let me say….refashion coming soon! It is a good one! Stay tuned for that. Also, keep sending in those pictures you want me to make a tutorial for. I have received 4 already, awesome!

 So, after the Valentine Craft Party last night, I decided to have my own little after party with my little rockstar. This is when I went crazy with the camera and remote (man I love that thing)! Maybe I got carried away…I was pooped, sore from sewing (whaaaaa?!), and had the giggles. Therefore, after party, rockstar, head-banging picture taking! Beck was loving it, check out his surprised face at the bottom.

This party was SOOOOOO fun!!! I didn’t bring my camera, big mistake. So I don’t have photos of the aprons I wore, bummer. I’m planning on stealing party/apron pictures from Kim who hosted it. So those pictures are still to come. But I did take pictures of all the awesome crafts that were made and Beck eating and destroying some of them. Aren’t those little owls so dang cute. I’m going to figure out how to make them and then show you guys.


  1. You are so cute!! Love the head banging! Those crafts look so fun!

  2. love them. okay, so for your craft party did you just get together with other girlies and each make something, one for everyone?

  3. Your blog is just the best. I want to do all your sewing projects and be as cute as you! If I find something cute, I’ll email to you so you can maybe do a tutorial!! :)
    P.S. I gave you an award!!

  4. wow! your blog is super cool!

  5. Wow! Who made that awesome fabric box? They must be the coolest person ever! :)

  6. You have some seriously awesome hair! And so does your little guy :)

  7. So glad I found your blog!! This made me miss my long hair!

    Also, gave you a stylish blogger award – check it out –


  8. That’s some serious hairography :)

  9. Any chance you would show us how to make the shirt you are wearing in this picture? It is EXACTLY what I am looking for! gweeks24@gmail.com