+ Knit elastic top

Yesterday I said I would post a more close up picture of the shirt I was wearing in my outfit post….why you ask? I made it! A few months ago, I bought some striped knit fabric and while my husband was playing call of duty (nerd alert!) I sewed this top up! I unfortunetly didn’t make a tutorial for it because it was so long ago. If you are interested I could make one?


  1. i love this tutorial idea!! i love DIY’s :)

  2. Basically you are amazing :) This sounds like a fun idea!

  3. This is such an awesome idea! I can’t wait to see what you do! I will be on the lookout to send you some photos!

  4. I have just the dress to send to you :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    A tutorial would be great! Thanks Becca :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Weekly tutorials sound great! I would like one on how to make a skirt with a waistband (large size via thrift store) made smaller! Thanks!

  7. This sounds so awesome! Also, I would love to see how you made that shirt. It’s so cute! Thanks for sharing your creative talents with those of us who aren’t so creative! :)

  8. Such a cute shirt! A tutorial would be awesome!

  9. yes, tutorial please!

  10. GREAT idea! I can’t wait for this feature! :) I am newer to your blog (I’ve been reading about a week), and I’m loving all your projects. I can’t wait to start on some of these for myself! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  11. thanks for saying hi!
    i can tell i am going to like it here 😉

    i do know brysons! i danced with liz, she’s a year below me.

  12. I can’t sew to save my life.
    {Read: you are officially something of a god to me. WOW.} I have LOVED looking at all of your clothing/sewing makeovers. You are ridiculously talented.

    Can’t wait to follow your new tutorial project!

  13. Just discovered your blog through 4 sisters & it’s amazing! We’ve awarded your blog the stylish blogger award. Great tutorials!

  14. that is so cute!! it would be awesome to see how you made it!

  15. DEFinitely interested in a tutorial on that top. Also just tips on sewing with knits. They scare me.
    I love love your blog!

  16. Yes please make a tutorial! I too am a wife of a gamer husband, its fun to watch/hear him play his games while I get to be creative on my new sewing machine, just a beginner, so I’m wanting to learn all kinds of sewing things!

  17. Absolutely! I would love a tutorial for this shirt. It is awesome…and I bet it is kind to one’s figure….!!!!!

  18. Hi!
    I was just wondering if you made a tutorial for this top in the end? I’m a beginner and I have made a couple of items from you blog already! Your tutorials are always so easy to follow!