+ Planning on making this dress!

Yet another outfit from Quincee’s Boutique that I LOVE. Man, why does it have to be so perfectly placed next to my local grocery store, that I frequent. Unfortuently, I just modeled this one, but intend to buy it.
 Oh how badly I want it to be spring!!



  1. soo cute! looks very parisian..love the bright red skirt. do find a way to replicate this gorgeous outfit:D

  2. I LOVE this outfit! Especially the skirt!!

  3. This dress is to die for! I want it so bad.

  4. did you know that photo is floating around and getting pretty popular on Pintrest.com? It popped up on my “most discussed” board.

  5. ^ i can vouch, I repinned it! also where is the cardigan from, it looks like such a perfect perfect fit!

  6. You should post where you got this…dress or skirt combo? It’s beautiful. And yes, found this from pinterest.

  7. Haha, I just saw the link at the top!

  8. This combo is beautiful! Love it!!! :)

  9. i wan this.. how do i get it:?

  10. If you are planning to make your own…this skirt looks very similar:


  11. Thanks for posting that link Marsha! I saw that skirt on pinterest, but it never went to a link. and now I’ve found it! Love that skirt!

    and I love the skirt in this post too. THe color is amazing!

  12. This outfit is so cute, I love it! Everything is perfect – the skirt, the top, the cardigan… and the unexpected gold sandals!

  13. found this from pinterest, sooo cute, I love it! Where are all the pieces from? do tell!

  14. So niceeee!=)

  15. i regret not buying this from quincee’s! i still love it so much! found it from pinterest again!