+ Quick Question!

This will be a very lame post, but only because I have to speak in church tomorrow…which I love doing (okay, thats a lie). And I haven’t 100% finished my talk, sooooo just a little nervous. But I do have some exciting news that will effect you guys! My hubby said that his valentine’s present to me is a video tutorial. As in….he will make any video tutorial I want so I can post it for YOU guys! Yay!!!

So the real question is………..
What tutorial, out of all projects I’ve done or could do, would you want me to make a video for!?

Maybe I’m getting a little too excited. But I can’t help it! So, please leave me a comment or email about what you want to learn about the most. It could be hemming jeans while leaving the original hem, it could be a circle skirt, that striped pencil skirt, how you make skinny jeans from  bigger ones, how to make onesies from scratch or a big tee. ANYTHING! Let me know!! I will leave you with this picture as you think about it!


  1. Can’t have them all???

  2. any skirt tutorial!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unless you’ve already done this and I missed it, I would love to know how you take a pair of pants and make them skinny. Thanks, Becca :)

  4. anything would be great, you are so talented! i’m kinda leanin towards a skirt tute:D

  5. circle skirt

  6. I definitely would love the skinny jeans tutorial, but in light of spring, I kinda want the circle skirt tutorial. Can’t wait!

  7. I vote circle skirt.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE to see how you do that amazing skinny jeans tutorial….I so many potential jeans at thrift stores and I’d love the challenge of making them into skinnys! Thanks TONS! :)

  9. any jeans into skinnys or hemming while having the original hem! :)

  10. I’d love to know how to take pants in at the waist!

  11. Making pants skinny would be a great tutorial :)