+ Snow Day and Exciting NEWS!

I love strapping beck into his cute snow bib, humungous Osh Kosh coat, and plaid hat. He is soooo precious. He loved the fresh snow, until he was hit in the face with his tree swing. Poor baby. 
I was going to post something that has to do with sewing, but my husband filmed my tutorial tonight! Get ready for PANTS PANTS PANTS! Expect it tomorrow. 


  1. Liz! this is cute! Can’t believe we got that much snow and now its all gone! i love your nailpolish color! Gorgeous!

  2. umm..do you mind sharing what lotion you use cuz I live in utah too and my paws are all flaky and crispy:( Your nails are too cute!

  3. your little boy is adorable…his hat is SO cute!!!

    Loving the polish color against the white snow…can’t wait for the tutorial!!!

  4. Hooray for me being your 200th follower!! Love your blog and your style and your talent! What a darling fam.