+ something, besides my husband, keeping me warm

Do you every look at your bedroom and say…this is a big stinkin’ mess! With the abundance of laundry baskets chalked full of clean clothes waiting to be neatly folded and put away and shoes (million pairs might I add) scattered at the foot of the bed. Well, this was my bedroom…until a month ago. I was motivated to stay on top of things and reorganize and rearrange my entire bedroom (this is where I found all the many clothes to refashion! yay!). And for the most part I have kept it up, for the most part. There was one main thing missing to the room that has bothered me for 3.5 years…I have no bedding. Weird huh?! We have cream sheets and 2 brown velvet blankets. That. Is. All. I have been freezing for 3. 5 years and living in bland land. So, I decided to order new bedding baby! I decided to go with new brown beech sheets, Anthroplogie’s Tuxedo bedding in cream and brown, and accent with some pillows from pier 1 and urban outfitters. I want to pick out some fabric to make the last pillow to tie all the colors together. Something with a fun bright pattern. it will be the first pillow I’ve ever made!! I will have to update you with a picture of my bedroom when everything arrives and is made. So excited!


  1. i like the colors!

  2. gorgeous liz!! I hope you show us the end result!

  3. Love it! I still need to get bedding too…You would think it would be a bigger priority, we have been married 3 and half years too…I think I am just too picky, but I can’t wait to see yours!

  4. It looks warm and inviting! I can’t wait to see your pictures of it installed in your bedroom!

  5. CUTE! so I have a embarrassing story….I wanted to practice sewing by making pillows for everyone for Christmas….halfway through the project the needle in my machine fell out and got lost INSIDE of it and even after opening the plate and all the screws it is nowhere to be found.

    So I glue gunned all my pillows. Everything I want to make I do with a glue gun and hope that no one looks too closely. OH I wish I could sew. I’m so impressed with your stuff.

  6. yay yay yay yay I just found your blog via “The Sisters Four” and I am EXCITED! You are a refashion genius!