+ Tailoring your trousers!

Today I cut out 11 aprons to sew for a valentine craft party next wednesday….soooo many aprons. I need to sew like a mad women these next few days to get it done! And I will post some tutorials on how to make them, detailed tutorials, with pictures and everything. I promise.
Speaking of tutorials…many of you have asked about how I made these trousers into skinnies OR how to make bigger sized pants (like these) smaller  –

and while I try to, some day, make a video tutorial, I hope these new pictures of those exact skinnied trousers will help! You don’t have to sew the crotch part if you like how it fits up there, just start from the knee of inner thigh if you just want to decrease the flare. When you want to make pants a smaller size, tighter on the tush, or more low rise, then the taking some fabric out from under the zipper is the way to go! Check out the last picture, the one of the crotch close up (sorry for that), shows this specifically. Then after all this…cut, serge (optional), and iron!


  1. That is SO cute! I just found your blog and I’m going to check it every day now. It is so cute and you are amazingly talented! I’m probably going to try this thing today. I really do love your blog so much though! :)

  2. ok so when do you decide if you have to sew the outside seam? do you always sew on the outer seam or only if its khaki? i noticed your skinny jeans lookd like the hem was the original hem still.

  3. Black and white –
    good question! I forgot to explain. You sew the outside seam when the pants are very wide, like those were. Otherwise if you just make these into skinnies by taking in just the inside then the pant leg could look twisted or funny. I learned this the hard way. so I usually will take a little out on both sides from the top of the knee down! I didn’t need to shorten the pants at all, so that is the original hem! Making it easy! Anyway, I hope that helps!

  4. thank you so much.. I’ll be trying my own pairs of skinnies soon! Can’t wait to see how it turns out… I’m a self taught sewer so I’m a little nervous about the results :-)

  5. This post gave me the courage to take in a pair of pants I’ve had for ages. I gave you some credit love. Thank you!!

    Before and After

  6. love doing this. freepiled clothes often need a little love so: HELLO sewing machine! love it girl:)

  7. So fantastic! You have great legs for the skinny fit.

  8. I now need a sewing machine.. STAT! Thanks for the GREAT idea!!!

  9. what a great idea! ill try this with a pair of jeans!

  10. Do you have any tips for sewing denim jeans down like this? I guess you could call me a novice sewer. I’ve tried a few pieces with denim before and it gets mighty frustrating.

  11. Thank you for this I have some maternity jeans that are too short and I wanted to make them skinny for boots! Can’t wait to try it this weekend!

  12. Wow,this is such a good idea,I absolutely love it!

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  14. my goodness, i love this post and i love these trousers!! do you sell any of your altered clothing? if not, you should seriously consider doing so.


  15. So helpful! I was just thinking that I wanted to do this to some of my own pants.

  16. I have the perfect pair of pants to do this to, wish I had my sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  17. Fab article

  18. Yay!!! I read your blog a few months ago and you had tailored those fabulous coral pants… I couldn’t remember your blog name, but a few spins on google and here you are! I found some beautiful Jcrew courderoy pants at the salvation army and they would be so much cooler as a skinnny cord.. wish me luck! fab blog by the way!

  19. I love you, but my tailor probably doesnt! You just saved me sooo0 much money.

  20. Love your blog…
    thaks for share all =)



  21. This is great! Who knew tailoring pants was so easy??

  22. Thanks for the suggestion! I have several pairs of pants that were probably bought a little loose to start with, now after a loss of a few pounds are downright baggy. Thanks for reminding me that they can be altered a lot cheaper than replaced.

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  24. Oops, sorry – just made a very dim Novice comment and then worked it out – passed my bedtime! Love your blog :)

  25. So glad I found your blog, I had a bunch of pants on their way to GW because they were too big in the hips and butt. I can’t wait to try this and not have to go pants shopping. Thanks so much!

  26. I love your tutorials, I used these pics and your video to make these! http://www.indignantcorgi.com/2012/06/04/floral-pants-wha/

  27. Thanks for this! I was thinking about doing this to a pair of flared pants just the other day.

  28. thanks for the tutorial, i’ll be needing this :)

  29. This is an awesome tutorial! Can you show me how to measure? did you wear it inside out and measure or you measure the diameter of your legs using measuring tape?

  30. how to you get the side tabs?
    email me how pls at queenbys@live.ca

  31. Thank you!! I never thought that it would be so simple! My pants turned out great :)

  32. Thanks, helped me too, my mother thought it was impossible to put him some pants and still look good, but watching your video and photos, I’ve tried and they were GREAT!

    Sorry if my English is silly, but thanks to Google Translate, because my English is not very good.

  33. You just made my week 😀 now i can save like 4 good old jeans i cant use because all the weight i’ve lost from my pregnancy 😀

  34. Will these techniques work on denim jeans?

  35. this is fantastic! i gotta wonder, tho. i’m built kinda stupid since i have some belly but absolutely no ass…so when i buy jeans that fit my waist i have all this extra fabric hanging off my rear. could i do kinda the same thing you did here only starting from a couple inches down from the waistband in the back and continuing down the legs?

  36. Now that menopause has done its number on my figure it’s impossible to find pants to fit my middle and not flap in the wind around my legs. Thanks! I’m going to try to make some of those pants in the closet fit!!

  37. Amazing blog you have here.. It’s hard to see great writing like yours nowadays. I really get pleasure from people like you! Take care!!

  38. You’ve got a amazing weblog here good done best wishes

  39. I am late to the party but I have to commend you on an very well laid out website. This pant tutorial was a Google search. Thank you. I had many pairs of jeans that were going to be donated. You saved them. Great job, DK

  40. I must thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I really hope to check out the same high-grade blog posts from you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal blog now 😉

  41. for someone that’s new to diy tailoring and sewing. What type/brand of sewing machine would you recommend?


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