+ White Bell Bottoms

Here is a new refashion….LOVE it! I know that white pants may be a winter fashion faux pas or no no if you will, but I don’t care. You can call it Spring fever. All I did was take in a little starting at the upper thighs tappering down to a little below the knees. When I made the tutorial for trousers I made into skinnies a little bit ago, it is a little bit of the same idea (minus any taking in below the knee).
pants: AE
tank: F21
blazer: nordys
boots: thrifted
belt: thrifted
scarf: self-made


  1. fantastic!!! rock those pants girl!!!

  2. nice change!!!! fits you much better now:-)

  3. LOVE! I saw some white pants at Charlotte Russe this weekend and wanted to buy. I think the “white” rule has been thrown out –hasn’t it? (if not can’t we vote it out?) :o]

  4. I just found some white pants at Goodwill that are similar to those! I bought them thinking I could make them into skinnies like your others. BUT they are a little big in the butt and hip area. Maybe you could do a tutorial on how to adjust them? :)

  5. SOOO cute! I will have to try this. Your pants turned out great :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOVE them! makes me think of thrifted pants in a new light. you didn’t have to do anything to the hip area?

  7. SO CUTE! I love the white pants on you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Did you have to take in the waist band and is that hard? I’d love a detailed tutorial! Thanks and love your blog–you are adorable!

  9. what a neat before and after!

  10. Very EMERSON MADE-ish! Love it!!

  11. Oh my goodness you are too amazing!! Couldn’t love these pants anymore then I do!!

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  12. magic! magic magic MAGIC! sophie just stole a pair of bell bottoms from my closet while she was visiting (ok, i gave them to her) but between the two of you i kind of want them back…

    you are so gorgeous. seriously.
    i better get thrifting and find some baggy pants to refashion…


  13. I heart this! Seriously it’s genius!! Your gorgeous!!

  14. Lovely