+ A Floral Frugal Friday…and down 3 computers

pants: refashioned, shirt: h&m, boots: vintage loredo, necklace: great grandma lomaxs’
Oh my goooooodneeeesssss. I love bell bottoms, I love refashions, I love the sun, I love warm weather. Today was an AWESOME day, I was in such a good mood. Why you wonder? First, I got rid of 3 computers! WHA? uh huh, 3. I sold two and I’m giving one to my brother. But I still don’t have enough mula for a new one – hence, me using my hub’s. Getting one soon though, very very soon. I can almost smell it or touch it or well, whatever. Second, it was so sunny and warm, not a snow cloud in sight. mmmmmmmmm…spring is coming.
Thus, the spring inspired outfit! The top was $6 from a Plato’s Closet (second hand store here in Utah), bottoms were refashioned into bells (here), and these vintage boots are $14 from the Seattle Goodwill. I love the metal tips and the braided ankle piece! So 70s’, baby.


  1. such a cute outfit! I feel like you need to be a a field with tall grass and wildflowers. xoxo, Abby

  2. You are sooo cute!!

  3. oh goodness those boots are yum!


  4. I was SO happy that today was warm and beautiful! It put me in such a great mood! It’s ’bout time we got some good ole sunshine here in Utah! :)

  5. what a darling outfit!

  6. OMG how gorgeous!!! This outfit is so feminine!! I love the top!!

  7. Love tha pants and boots. I love bells too. H&M has some awesome ones right now, but you wouldn’t need them since you can make them.


  8. I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

    Seriously, You have tons of inspiation and ideas to try.

    By the way, I just found a pair of pants that I thought to re-fit (refashion) but looked at all the seams and threw it back to the bottom of the refashion pile! :) I admit got intimidated and I give you tons of credit for taking on sucha project.

  9. I so love that outfit…and those boots are pretty awesome too!!!

  10. Oh yeah! I love bell bottoms 2 and even though I cheated on them and wore skinnies for quite a few years now I’m done with skiny jeans and embracing the flared ones :)