+ About Tomorrow…

I’m doing a Copy Catwalk post tomorrow! These were some of the photos sent to me. Thanks by the way…
obi belt (this one is from urban outfitters)
back porch blouse from antropologie
shabby apple dress
red dress shoppe dress

Once a week, I will take one of the pictures of something you sent for the copy catwalk project –> figure out how to make it from scratch or as a refashion –> then post the tutorial!

So, send me your pics of something you want me to make a tutorial for! Thanks people! You’re amazing!


  1. That dress is fantastic. I love it.

  2. That dress is spectacular!!! I can’t wait to see what you do.

  3. can’t wait!

  4. so fun, you go girl.

  5. honey!!!!
    this is so cute….=)


  6. i’m so excited, can’t wait to see..

    and please can i have your talent. pretty please.

    we’re now following, and loving!!


  7. Yes Yolanda! Sorry, I totally did as a sash. I tried without and no good so I added one! I could have done a belt too. But eh, I love sashes just as much.

  8. I’m so glad someone sent in that shabby apple houndstooth dress. I have seriously been eyeing that dress for a year now but don’t have the money for it! :( I would love it if you came up with something!