+ boy bow blazer put into action

top: splendid   jacket: refashioned/thrifted  necklace: mom’s   pants: 7s   shoes: aldo

Loving this little refashion boy blazer aka shrunken blazer. I had to put it into an outfit post because it turned out so awesome…is that a little, ahem, cocky? Well, I don’t want to come across that way! I just love what I do and want you to do these refashions too. Mmmm k?
Loving my messy house? Me, not so much. I had a crazy busy day yesterday! Hemmed a ton, deep cleaned the basement while neglecting the first floor, and hosted a rockin’ sewing party. 4 new people showed up – Suzanne, Chelsea, Corey, and Kathrine…loved chatting with you newbies (as well as the usuals of course). It was so fun!!!!!! Half of us chatted and half of us actually pulled out the good ol’ sewing machine. Can’t wait for the next one!
Anyway, it is rare, very rare when I cook and one of the very few times I do it involves making soup, nachos, spaghetti, toast, cereal, salad or sandwiches. My specialty, an egg sandwich….egg, cheese, ham or bacon, honey mustard, little pepper on toasted and buttered wheat bread. mmmmm delicious and easy. Took a snap shot below, not that pretty, but sure tasty. Unless my husband is lying to me, which would be quite sweet of him.


  1. That blazer is so cute! I am glad you like it! And that sandwich looks yummy!

  2. Wait a minute, Lizzie! I am wondering if I made a mistake giving your the necklace. If you didn’t look so adorable, amazing, cute, etc…wearing it (any anything else you put on) I would get it back. How about a trade? You take your gigantic bags of prom dresses/shoes/purses back to Utah and refashion them into something (prom dress quilt?…pencil skirt with matching top…) I won’t grumble…much. Love you lots and lots! Mummsie

  3. that blazer is so cute! I took like 3 pictures with my phone from the sewing party:( I was so distracted! but I’ll put them up soon. Okay, cooking is one thing I can do, so next time we sew maybe I’ll bring my panini machine or something! We make such good paninis here…like 5 times a week.

  4. The blazer is so cute – I love the back. Your house is so bright :)

  5. love this blazer, GREAT job with it =)


  6. That’s really cute, I love the bow in the back.

  7. It was so nice meeting you! You are just as gorgeous in real life as you appear on this blog. Thanks for all the ideas you gave me. I actually got my new sewing machine out of the box this week and got a table for it at Ikea. Looks like I’m ready to start trying some refashions. I promise I’ll actually bring something to work on for the next sewing night.

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