+ Hey you guys….

This is what I have been making, it’s for a baby shower on Saturday! I will show the finished product soon! That is why todays post has no refashion. Sorry. Expect one tonight! 
Also, my fellow blogger friend Diana from The Smith Circle and I want to have a get together with other bloggers! Are you guys interested?


  1. you know the sisters are in girl! woohoo! {we were thinking of also doing a meet up in UT this summer cause we will all be together for a couple weeks} i will volunteer Sophie until we all get out there… and Elise too… you guys should do a re-fashion party, {jealous already}


  2. Ok. This is gonna be cute! I am excited! And of COURSE everyone loves a blogger party!!

  3. Thats adorable!
    Ive been making one at home as well for a 5 year old princess bday party!


  4. I love your blog! You are one very talented girl. I’m in a book club with some of your sister in law’s and we were just saying last night that it would be cool to meet up with you and have you teach us a thing or two.