+ hippie for a day with a crop top

Anyway, I wanted something hippie/spring, so I chopped chopped chopped….a lot. I just need some high waisted pants to go with these crop tops, that would do the trick.
On another note….my husband says I have a gunther or panis in the second photo below….and I can live with that. What I can’t live with is how serious I look in all these photos…..come on Lizzie…loosen up a little, will ya?

top: quincee’s   bottoms: crane   necklace: grandma’s   ring: f21   boots: thrifted

sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
fabric pen or marking chalk

I cut the bottom or the shirt at an angle to create a long back and short front (in love with this look right now). Then I cut the sleeves of just under the lace so there was no hemming necessary. I left a raw look at the bottom of the shirt, and in order to prevent a lot of fraying, I sewed a straight stitch around the bottom, very close to the edge.


  1. Love that shirt!!! Absolutely beautiful…as always! :)

  2. Now, this top looks updated! You have some talent, girl. :) You’re really inspiring me to go out and buy me a sewing machine and get to a class.

  3. I love the new sleeve length on this. And tell Danny to put a sock in it. Gunther my big toe! :)

  4. love the shirt!

  5. I love the look! Very on trend. The shirt refashion is just fantastic.

  6. really cute, i love it!

  7. I just found your blog through the Mormon fashion bloggers list and I love it! I read your about me section and I’m curious to know where near Seattle you are from because that’s where I’m originally from too! I’m following you from now on! I love your clothes and the beautiful outfits you come up with!

    amy day to day

  8. I love it! Also, you get the best boots at thrift stores. I haven’t had such luck with shoes at thrift stores but I’ll certainly keep looking!


  9. I swear you could take these photos and be in a magazine. Gorgeous!