+ How to make sparkly/glitter shoes!

You can tell I made this video without the help and talent of my husband! But oh well….I love how it turned out (the refashion anyway)! I can wait to wear these out and about. There are a million ways to do this, the way I chose may be messy, but it was super quick and easy, so maybe that makes up for it?


  1. Love it! Could you write the supplies in the post and maybe tell where you got them? Thanks!

  2. So fun! I was literally just thinking it would be easy to do this, but didn’t think about the gloss so thanks!!


  3. Super cute, love the simplicity. Also, Beck is the most adorable, ever.

  4. You did it again! Something that is soooo awesome! Love you liz, you are so cool!

  5. Those are super adorable!

  6. I’ve totally been thinking about this lately. I LOVE glittery shoes and I’d love to make my own. Thanks for the tutorial!

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  7. This is the most genius thing I have ever ever ever seen. You never cease to amaze me!

  8. Man you are the coolest!! I love these, way to breath life into a white pair of sandals =)

    <3 LOVE


  9. Super cute, liz! I’m not crafty at all, but this definitely looks like something I could do! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Um… Cute, creative, fantastic!

  11. I tried this out and posted about it here

    Thanks for the post!

  12. I love your glitter shoes!! I’ve gotta try this!

  13. I am obsessed with your blog. All of your stuff is so cute and you make it look so easy.

  14. thinking of trying this out on a clutch.

  15. Was there any problem with these in the long run? I mean did you have to do any touch-ups?

  16. Hi!! I LOVE your blog. Thanks for sharing so many inspirational projects!!! I referenced you as inspiration for some sparkle shoes I’ll be making with our Youth Group (http://ediblethoughts-stephanie.blogspot.com/2013/06/sparkle-shoes.html). Thank you!!!