+ Locket Love

shirt: hazel haze (soel boutique), sweater: refashioned old navy, boots: thrifted, skinnys: crane (macys), hair clip: f21, locket: great grandmother’s

I loved visiting my great grandparents in Portland Oregon…why you ask? Not because of the slobbery denture kisses or the pungent old lady perfume that would be generously poured over my arms (and my brother Mike’s), but for the infamous candy drawer, “money time” (reach our hands into a bag of money or she pulls out a stack of ones and passes it out…awesome!), going to toys-r-us and picking out a barbie (every time), eating cheeze-its and grape-nuts as snacks, playing with interesting glass containers on the bathroom sink, curling up onto the kitchen counter watching my great grandmother apply make-up, illegally driving a golf cart around the streets, filling up tons of balloons and letting them go from the driveway, singing “yes we have no bananas, we have no bananas today” with my great grandpa, and MOST of all…delicately playing with my grandmother’s beautiful, vintage, and expensive jewelry.

The last time I visited my grandparents one of those expensive items of jewelry became mine! My great grandma gave it to me because I admired it so much! Then my mom took it away (which was smart because I would have destroyed it) until mother’s day two years ago. I love it very much and every time I wear it I am reminded of my sweet great grandparents. I love them so. 


  1. What a beautiful necklace! I have a few of my mom’s and grandma’s pieces of jewelry, and I love the sentimental value that goes along with them.

  2. What a lovely necklace! I also really like your hair. :)

  3. oh my…that is the most amazing locket!!! SWOON!

  4. love the locket. Love the grandmother stories too.


  5. What a gorgeous necklace!!! So fun!!

  6. Lizzie, seeing you wearing Grandma’s locket reminds me of how beautiful a mother you are. By the way, do you remember what happened to the locket’s insides? Hmmmmm?

  7. i can remember little avon sample lipsticks, face cream, shower caps and reused rubber bands, grocery store vegetable bags and twist ties. and my first poker game!
    grandmas are precious and the memories help them live with us forever!

  8. Liz, not to be a sap, but your post made me cry- I have all the same memories- oh, I miss seeing them, it would be so nice to pack up and go back in time to Portland and spend a weekend with them. Thanks for sharing- and the locket is beautiful

  9. how sweet. the locket is gorgeous.

  10. Your adorable!!
    Love locket necklaces!