+ Loose fitted knit top tutorial!

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Here is a tutorial my husband and I threw (mostly my husband) together last night/today, I’m shocked at how quickly we did this one. Anyway, I love this top! I refashioned a men’s american apparel shirt here doing the same thing and wore it as an outfit post here. So, as you can see I love the fit of this shirt. I feel it is flattering, yet sexy at the same time…who doesn’t want to wear something like that?! By the way, I have received and checked out some blogs/emails that have pictures of amazing versions of my refashions! AWESOME! I love see what you guys do! I’m thinking I will post them all sometime soon! So, if you want me to check your amazing versions of my refashions, email me or leave a comment about it. Excited!
A lot of people have asked where I found this knit fabric…I found it at a thrift store! It was worth pennies!



  1. thanks for the awesome tutorial!!!

    I love all of your refashions!!

    I tried the rugby shirt up-cycle….not a great job but its great for layering!


  2. Woo hoo! This is the one I wanted! I have to go get ready for church but I’m going to watch it when I get home. Aweeeesome.

  3. you’re incredible..i’m buying a sewing machine as soon as possible.

  4. this is sooo much fun!! i love that fabric, I can’t wait to hang out with you!

  5. Wow! Great tutorial! Just found your blog and I can tell i’m going to be here A LOT! Anyway I can’t wait to make one myself.

    Quick question, where did you get that adorable knit fabric?

  6. This is great, and thanks especially for the tips on the type of stitch to use to finish off the edges and hem. I know with knit fabric you can leave the edges raw to simplify, but if you ever wanted to do a tutorial on how to finish edges, especially on a neckline and sleeves, I sure wouldn’t complain.

  7. Your blog has quickly become one of my top favorites! THANK YOU for the tutorials! They’re awesome and extremely helpful.
    You’re great!

  8. Holy Crap Liz in Law your AMAZING!! I have one question though….i never see you wearing any of these amazing clothes….what do you do with them? So many freaking cute skirts…seriously. Love your blog.

  9. cute! i was also wondering where you bought the knit.

  10. I thrifted the knit! I bought it at a second hand store for pennies! I bet you can find this kind of fabric at Jo-Anns or something though.

  11. yep… the greatest and cutest video tute of all time! you are so fun!!! i am super jealous you and Soph are gonna go thrifting without me! boo.


  12. awesome tutorial, you guys. loved it!

  13. I’m with Hillary, Awesome, Like Always, I shall try this!

  14. Omg! Thats so sweet! Thank you for sharing your tips! Now I need to go out buy a sewing machine…and learn!


  15. Sweet tutorial! I love it!

    JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

  16. i read ur entire blog!!!!!!!!!!! =) love it!!! <3

  17. Awesome! All your tutorials are awesome.

  18. Thanks for a lovely tutorial. Will try it as soon as I can get my hands on a knit fabric.

  19. Hi Lizzie, I just found your blog today via Pinterest. Love it so far! Am about to snooop around hehe. Also, will definitely be following you. :O)

    ~ http://www.billiemonster.com ~

  20. Loved the tutorial!

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  22. Thank you for share… its so nice =)


  23. Nice tutorial, your explanations are clear and … I love your uncluttered home, your spacious sewing surface (so different from mine!), your pretty golden scissors! Everything you have is so neat. I’d love a post on your craft room.
    I was directed here reading a comment at my favourite creative blog http://www.unideanellemani.it

    Keep up the good work!
    Love from breezy Milan, Italy

  24. Great looking top, but it sort of puzzles me, that you don’t use your serger (standing in the background)to sew knit fabric. It’s way quicker, makes the seams so much stronger and in my humble opinion it gives a more professional touch/look. Try a 4-thread overlock stitch for your knit projects and for finishing of raw edges. Once you tried it, you’ll never go back to the straight-stitch machine’s zig-zag again. 😉

  25. i love it…its great..:)

  26. Wow, thank you for posting this, can’t wait to try it for myself! I don’t have a serger and I’ve always been scared to try making my own basics, but I’m definitely giving this one a try. I read most of your blog today, you have so many great tutorials, keep up your great work!

  27. Delphine says:

    Hi! Is it me or there is no link anymore to the video? Might be because I’m on Ipad… Thanks!

  28. http://www.cottonandcurls.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/DSC_2161.jpg
    I have been unable to link to this tutorial can you help me it is so cute!!!!