+ Rae Rae’s baby shower/PARTA!

Cute, cute Rae. We had a baby shower for her today, her little boy, soon to be named Dexter Dalzen, is due in less then two week! I’m SOOOOOO excited. Maybe because I’m not having any more kids……………did I scare ya mom and dad!? Gotcha, I will have more kids, just not any time soon. Anyway, it was so fun and the food was so tasty. And Doesn’t Rae look amazing as a pregnant lady? Seriously.
Oh, and check out the banner my lovely sister-in-law Mary Ann and I made!  So, I still don’t have a computer, hence the quick/not super well edited photos. Hopefully Monday I will be 100% back in business. 
read on for more pics

Aren’t they the cutest mother/daughter bunch ever?  


  1. So cute. Love the photo where she is grabbing and pushing out her belly.

  2. it looks like it was a beautiful shower! :)