+ sailor stripes anyone?

sweater: quincee’s boutique     shirt: testament      necklace:f21       pants: crane       shoes: trouve

I haven’t done a legit outfit post in a week! I have been cravin’ it too. My favorite things to wear right now are loose shirts that are short in front, wedge shoes, and stripes. Can’t get enough of them.

Question….want to party with me and some other awesome bloggers?! Let me know, leave a comment below!
Saturday, April 16 – 5pm
Orem Utah
party party party party party!!


  1. those shoes are bangin girlfriend!

  2. I would like to party = )

  3. love a good sailor stripe!

  4. First love this outfit! Second I want to party!!

    Meet Virginia Design

  5. those shoes are amazing!

  6. Nice outfit as always:-D
    I would like to party but I’m a little far from you:-(!!!!!

  7. Ahh I wish I could go, sounds like so much fun. I wore stripes yesterday too, love them right now! I wish I had more than a scarf.. on the lookout for a striped cardi :)

  8. lets party!

  9. I love your blog! You’re way creative.. I live in Orem – I would love to party!

  10. those shoes are…. i have no words… i simply NEED them! tell me that i can still buy those beauties!!!!!

    you know soph and elise are totally partying with you girl!


  11. i love everything about this outfit. perfection.
    and i wanna party too – but i’ll be out of town boo!


  12. I too love sailor stripes. :)

    Cool outfit!

  13. hey I go to Days Market several times a week and always wonder if I should check out Quincees. Guess I should! I should probably also party with you, because you seem pretty cool (based on what I know from blog stalking).

  14. love the stripes!! i posted the spotlight on you- i am so excited for all my friends/followers to see your blog!!

  15. I love the sweater! Adorable =)


  16. yay i am totally partying with you! Can you make it to the other blog meetup this saturday? It would be fun, I am kinda scared to go alone haha

  17. I need those shoes. they are gorg.
    and i might want to party :)

  18. i want those shoes! they are adorable

  19. i want to party! i absolutely think you are genius with your clothing alterations. i wish i had your skillzzzz!