+ Taking in your pant’s waistband!

I have had a million people tell me about how to take in their pant’s waistband…honestly, I hadn’t figured that out myself yet! So, I just found an AMAZING tutorial Susan did here.  Isn’t she amazing? You have to check her out….you may fall in love with everything she does! Including the little moccasins she makes. I just meet her last saturday and she is super nice and down to earth. Then I went onto her blog….in love.
Also, I have an AWESOME tutorial for you guys tomorrow…and I swear, I did it before I saw a similar one on Susan’s blog, who also has a cute version of it. You will seeeeeeeee.


  1. Love Susan! She is awesome and her blog is so cute!! Great tutorial!! Ill see you Wednesday, i am so excited!!!

  2. awww, thanks for making me blush.
    can’t wait to see your amazing-sauce tutorial.


  3. Thanks for sharing :) Cant wait to get started!!!
    M so excited:)

  4. i almost died at church yesterday cause my friend Nashelle was totally rocking your striped tee shirt pencil skirt!!!! she did such a great job it looked exactly freaking like yours! UNREAL! and to make it more cool/funny i was totally wearing my turtleneck-pencil skirt! and guess what? i was right, yours is WAY cooler than mine… :)


  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a link to the tutorial that I’m missing???

  6. if you want a super ghetto way to do the same thing without doing any real sewing, I’ve in the past just opened up the inside of my waistband on each side near the zipper and inserted an elastic. When the pants are off it looks brutal, but when you’re wearing them you can’t even tell. Great for those pants that fix well except the waistband is a bit too big.

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