+ Arrowhead

LOVING this arrowhead necklace I thrifted today! Reminds me of one I’ve seen at…hmmm Urban or Free People or Anthropologie? Don’t remember. I found some awesome stuff besides this necklace, some fabric with lots of leopard and fur, and a cute yellow square make up tote for $2 and to my surprise there was another yellow bag inside! WHA?! Awesome. I’ll have to show you guys tomorrow. Anyway, my sister-in-law is graduating tomorrow, Satyra congrats! We will see how well Beck behaves. My family is also in town and I’m dang excited. This rarely happens. 
Look how COLD it was…my nose is red, very red. I was wearing my white puffy down coat ALL day. Whats up with that Springtime?
shirt:f21   sweater: QB   pants:f21   ring:f21  shoes: vintage kilties thrifted   necklace:thrifted


  1. love the boots!!

  2. That little necklace is adorable! I can’t believe it was thrifted! So great!

  3. you are totally rocking those boots! Love your cardi

  4. i’m liking the trend of small delicate pendants…of course all of mine are big and chunky. will have to find a couple of little ones for my collection.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Liz- this is Kesley Galland- Erica’s sister-n-law. A few book groups ago- I was talking to all your sister n laws, and asking them if you would be interested in having a kids sewing class- where you would teach kids the basics of sewing and do fun projects with them. If you have the time-you could really make a good business out of this class- I know a lot of people who would be interested in the class- just something to think about:) you are crazy talented and l love how you showcase it on your darling blog! Let me know either way- what you think about the kids sewing class. Diana or Erica can give you my number- thanks so much- sorry to be totally random:)

  6. I love how the boots totally ramp up a simple outfit into a great one! The yellow and necklace work too!