+ Bijou Market Awesomeness

Beck, Meesh, and I went to the Bijou Market…..some seriously TALENTED people! LOVE! Including….Susan from freshly picked (want her bow pillow and moccasins), Diana from Livy Love, The Little Tinys (the mobiles I wish Beck had), Sarah Jane and her adorable illustrations (I want the one of the little boy and the lion), and other random lovelies. Can I please be this awesome?! Hmmmm?


  1. WoW, so much talent in one room!

  2. wow… what an amazing market! my pocketbook would be in so much trouble!


  3. Jennifer Lynn says:

    So many great ideas, so little time! How DO you do it?! If Beck (I can deduce from his pictures) keeps you so busy what gives? Laundry? Cooking? And what is the Beckster’s fav food? I am so jealous of your adorable little family. Love, J.L.

  4. Fun, fun, fun! Who is this lucky friend? I wanna be your lucky friend the next time you have to “shop ’til you drop.” Wow!