+ Blog Button

Finally, I have put together a blog button! So, If you want to take you can….if you don’t….I will not be offended! I promise. I will post the link/button soon once I figure out how to put the darn thing up on my side bar.
I finished a refashion tonight, but of course the sun is down and there is not enough time to take pictures tonight, so therefore, it will be posted tomorrow. I have also decided to not skimp on sleep, Beck wakes up way to early (5:30!!!!). Errrrr. 
One of the last times I will remind you guys! PARTY this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited!


  1. If dreaded finals were’t among us I would totally be there! Probably going to be a blast! :)

  2. So bummed I missed out on this one! What a fun idea. If you ever have another one I WILL be there.
    I am so in love with your blog by the way. I just found it and can’t stop scrolling back through your older posts. I love the stuff you make and love that we have so much in common! (live in provo, love to sew, fan of Bijou market, mormon- holla! )
    Anyways, just thought I’d let you know I think you ROCK. :)