+ Copy Catwalk: paper bag skirt with box pleats

My Copy Catwalk Project this week was this cute yellow paperbag topshop skirt….it was surprisingly easy and the turn out was awesome! I love when things turn out. I will say this project uses a LOT and a LOT of ironing.  I will post the tutorial tomorrow. Need to head to bed now.  


  1. I am so envious right now! 1) I wish I could sew like this, or at all. period. 2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue color of this skirt and 3) your shoes are awesome. Where are they from? I’ll pay you to make me a skirt like this. I love the paperbag ones, but most are too short. No, but seriously… think about it. :)

    amy day to day

  2. Ooh lovely! Love the color and the little pleats. :) Your shoes are pretty awesome too.

  3. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Oooo La LA! Vous etes tres belle, au jour d’hui! (Hope that’s right) You are one big WOWIE LADY! JL

  4. I just can’t wait for the great things you are going to sew for me for Mother’s Day…hint, hint! How about a long, jersey flowered skirt. Like the one from high school days, but more flattering (which means bigger). Love, Mummsie xoxox

  5. Can’t wait for the tutorial! Love your blog btw. I have some fabric and I’m trying to figure out what kind of skirt I want to attempt to make with it. This could be it. 😉

  6. Lizzie…I did mention gifts in the plural, right? Love, Mom xo

  7. oh my GOSH did you just make that from scratch? geeze. you are so good! it’s so cute I love it! I can’t wait until my school is over and i have time to get sewing help from you.

  8. so pretty. i really want one. i’ve been eyeing those for awhile now. awesome.

  9. you are so inspiring…I want to attempt some of your tutorials. everything looks good on you though.

  10. I am attempting a paperbag skirt this weekend.. not going to be as bold with such precise pleating though. I LOVE the color!!

  11. Lizzie, do you have time to answer your comments? I have a few questions ( like, do you know how to tie-dye a shirt) for you when you aren’t so busy. Thanks. Love your fabulous blog! Elaine

  12. I love the color, the cut of this skirt. I also love those shoes you got on!

  13. this is the exact skirt i’ve been looking for! but i can’t find this shape anywhere, so i’m looking forward to your tutorial.

  14. you are amazing! i’ve told so many friends about your blog :)

  15. This looks AMAZING! Oh my goodness! Your version is BETTER than the original!

  16. you are magic!!!


  17. I do love this skirt and the color! I especially love the white trim on the top. It was so fun meeting you tonight! I can’t wait to get together! I should show you the place I get inexpensive fabric…

  18. I just love this waist line – very chic :)

  19. OK – you AND this skirt are just too cute! I had to include it in the Pleated Skirt Day of Skirt Week at seven thirty three! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  20. So lovely!

  21. I just want to say, I’m sewing this skirt now in corduroy (because I need winter skirts and corduroy is what I have for free from Grandma!) and it is turning out BEAUTIFULLY! It’s so easy and so flattering! I made mine a bit longer and it looks lovely. Thanks so much for the easy tutorial.