+ Don’t like these spring showers…at all.

 Today’s weather was really really horrible, best opportunity to whip out my new raincoat! Which I paired with a scarf I made from thrifted knit fabric and beck’s umbrella.

Beck was hilarious today….he decided to pose and copy my outfit post (laughing because I hurt my foot on a light, why does seeing someone get hurt make people, including me, laugh?) with his umbrella and all. And right after this picture below, he had the idea to throw golf balls at the wall (because they bounce off it quite well), then immediately became angry because 4 times in a row he was hit square on the top of the head. So funny, and cute. I didn’t mind all the sweet cuddles and “kisses to make it feel better” either.

Side note…I saw nie nie at Macaroni Grill and I was a bit starstruck! I have never seen her before even though I live a few blocks away. Anyway, I kept staring over there because she was literally sitting right across from us, and I kept saying to my husband…I’m going to say hi. But I chickened out because 1. She and her husband were totally have a sweet date and were really enjoying themselves. I love undisturbed alone time with my husband and 2. Well, I just plain old chickened out. If she is out there and happens to read this….Hi, I saw you at Macaroni Grill an hour ago and you are lovely. :)


  1. totally loving your look and cute copy-catter.

  2. absolutely adorable! I need to gather rain umbrellas for a design idea I have, where did you get yours?

  3. So cute! love the scarf.


  4. Those boots rock! But I think your kid upstaged you! What a beautiful laugh that was!!! :)

  5. I would have been star struck to see nie nie too:)

  6. I love that rain coat! Where’s it from?

  7. That is pretty cool that you saw Nie Nie!! I would have chickened out too!!

  8. You know what they say? “Spring showers bring May flowers!” So I hope there’s a whole lot of rain so you can cosy up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book/movie.

  9. Jennifer Lynn says:

    O.K. Am I that only one on planet Earth who doesn’t know who “Nei, nei” is. Maybe I was digging trenches between the piles of weekend laundryl and dirty dishes and was’t doing enough newspaper reading. So, spill!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love, love, love, love this raincoat!!! Where is it from?

  11. Oh, you’re both so cute! I love your boots. What a doll that boy is! Oh, and, I feel the same. I’m craving the sunny days of summer.


  12. i.want.your.boots.