+ Downsizing…I couldn’t resist to post about him again.

Beck’s sweet Uncle Zack (my hub;s brother) gave me a few of his shirts to make for Beck, and here it is…much smaller! I tried to document every single step in making this shirt….I hope it makes it a little easier to understand. This is actually a little like my loose top video tutorial.
 Check out his new pumas too….my husband and I think he looks like he is from the 80s with the running kicks, tight jeans, and the mullet. And he rocks it.
big shirt
little shirt to copy
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
fabric pen or marking chalk
2. Cut sleeves and ribbing out at seam (trim the ribbing completely down)
6. Cut sleeve to size of  kid’s sleeve, only cut one side!
7. All the parts…lets get started.
8. Place right sides together and straight stitch the sides and shoulders. Sew the sleeve so it will look like a tube.
9. Sew sleeve on shirt, flip right side out and pin right sides together inside the shirt (when shirt is inside out).
10. This is what 9 looks like done.
11. Sew ribbing back onto neckline by pinning right sides together and stretching ribbing as you sew a zig zag stitch.  Start in the back or at the side shoulder seam. Then when you get to the end, stop a half inche before finishing…then do what the picture shows – sew the two sides together and then flip back down and sew the remaining half inch.
12&13. Do the same as step 11, but NO stretching! 
14&15. Top stitch the remaining fabric upwards to make it look flat or like a cover-stitch. Done and enjoy! You don’t really have to do this step. I just think it makes it look finished.


  1. i’ve done this for B a ton. love it. so much cooler than the usual “mama’s little slugger!” t’s available for little boys in the stores, right?

  2. he’s so adorable..i hope my kids have brown eyes! nd when i grow up, i want to be a homemaker like you. ha.

  3. Grandma/Mom Idaho says:

    KaBlam! You dunked this one right into the basket. Truly a mouth-dropping “WOW”! xoxo

  4. that is awesome! cory has so many super cool printed tees that are too small for him that my girls would love! totally doing this one… along with every other freaking tutorial on your magical blog!


  5. you blow me away everytime girl…….

  6. Your little boy is so lucky to have such a fun and talented mommy. Children’s clothes can be so expensive and this is such a great recycling idea. Thanks! Elaine

  7. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Now all you have to do is show us how to downsize a man’s old pair of pants. That would be awesome! Just like you (and Beck…and Danny).

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