+ Lots of exciting work to do…

I should basically call this week Quincee’s Boutique Week because I have 3 refashion projects to do for that cute little store! Yep….if you want any of these….they are actually being sold at QB! Why these refashions you ask? The background story – some clothes were ordered to sell at QB off the internet  – the size small fit like a large – disappointment set in – and this is when I came into the picture. Time to fix fix fix. So, here is the first of the 3 refashions!
All, I did was take in the sides and sleeves! Then I added a little bit of elastic in the back so I didn’t have to add a sash. It was dang easy. 
Other exciting things I’m going to be doing soon – revamping my bedroom, copy catwalk, and best of all….making a giveaway!!!! YAY! So, get ready for those soon, baby.


  1. Gorgeous! I do want one, actually. Congrats on your work being sold!

  2. You look GORGEOUS in purple. And I love that dress.

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  3. i wish i had skills like you! that looks amazing!


  4. Very cute! I love that you put elastic in instead of doing ties…it looks great!

  5. Amazing! I am in love! You should honestly keep it (buy it) cuz it looks absolutely stunning on you!

  6. i’d buy it … does that store ship/sell online?

  7. thats so smart I woulda never thought to add elastic to cinch the waist! wonderful tip! thanx doll:D

  8. Amazing dress! It looks great on you!

  9. AMAZING! you always fix everything perfectly & breath life into them!


  10. love it Liz!

  11. I’m just in awe of your refashioning eye. This is great. Love that you thought about cinching it instead of making a sash for it. Really pretty all on its own.

  12. WOW. It looks awesome now :)