+ Lots of Randomness

A little bit of silliness for your Wednesday. Love this little booger. Even when he wakes up at 3:25 am, like he decided to do this morning. 
Obsessed with this NEW mascara…bought a 3 pack at Costco (thank you mother-in-law) as suggested Sarah (thank you sister-in-law). I have at least tried 15 kinds for my stubby, thin eyelashes and nothing has worked until now. And oh how excited I am about it. I know…it is just mascara……

Here are some random projects I was doing today for some buddies/Quincee’s Boutique. The dress on the top I took in for a girl (Jessica) at QB…doesn’t she look sexy? 
The second girl is Rachel, long story short…she is going on a mission and needs modest/long skirts. So, she picked up this one at DI and we took it in!


  1. Hi there,
    I follow you and love all your refashions, I have even copied a few of your ideas on my own old worn out clothes! I keep trying to add my link on to your refashion nation but it won’t work, just wondering if I am doing something wrong? Thanks Shannon

  2. i absolutely love your blog and your little boy is so cute. My little boy just turned 18 months so they are not far in age. But i would love to meet you and I live in provo. We should be friends! lol (i am not a creepy old man)


  3. Such a cute boy (and mom!). Love your blog!

  4. Mummsie says:

    Made my day to see your little boy giggling. Is the girl that you fashioned her dress from Quinces wearing a necklace watch? Where did she get it? I love necklace watches and am always looking for new places to buy unusual ones. Love you lots! Mom xo

  5. I loved watching that video! Oh my gosh, Beck is so deliciously cute. You guys feel so far away, I guess you are though…

    Love all your newest stuff and that blog party looked like great fun. Miss you guys!

  6. ah that’s a good idea for a skirt, I am not that talented with the sewing machine so I ended up spending way too much and looking too long and hard to find long skirts for my mission.