+ Making Meeshballs some pillows

My roommate from BYU, Meesh (aka Michelle) just moved back here from San Diego (she came back just for me of course) and just bought a very empty, yet cute apartment and furniture (which hasn’t even arrived yet). Now it is time to decorate it baby! So, after Meesh and I went to the Bijou Market on Saturday, we decided to make couch pillows, so we picked up some fabric from Fabric Mill and down pillow forms…..and got crafty!

After few hours of pinning, cutting, ironing, serging and sewing, we completed Meesh’s stylin’ couch pillows!! Woot Woot! It was probably one of the funnest days I had in a long long time. Love that girl. I also love my other roommate Larkin (aka Lauren, another roommate from BYU) who also popped over to visit with her little boy! Hence the little cutie Holden posing alongside with Beck. those two were trouble.
I will have to show you the pillows in her apartment when she actually gets a couch to stick them on!
Exciting clothing tutorials coming up! Check it out this week!

Meesh happens to be posing behind the circle pillow which took some of meesh’s hard work and my buttons to mold into a circle…this was me documenting the process (not quite there yet in this picture) and trying to steal a picture of Meesh.


  1. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Cutie Paaatootie! What color is her couch? I wanna have you as my personal design assistant. No charge if I feed you lunch, right? (Or if Beck is rambunctious.) Love you both! JL

  2. Do you take your pictures in color and THEN turn them into black and white? How hard is that. It is such a cool look to mix the two together, but if I have to change my digital camera, what do I do? Thanks.

  3. I love the pillows you made!! I love the blue fabric, where did you get it?!

  4. I love your blog! You make sewing looks so do-able! Thanks to your tutorials I am almost brave enough to break out my moms old sewing machine! Thanks :)


  5. You look very rock&roll in the black&white photo above. It’s all in the hair :) I guess.