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This dress takes me WAY way way back to freshman year in college. This pleated dress happened to be my homecoming dress I wore only once, it cost me $70 dollars if I remember correctly. What a waste, well…..not anymore. All I did was chop off the top and add black elastic to make the waist band. EASY. It took ten minutes.
And you better believe I’m going to share those magical pictures from 6 years ago, no way am I leaving those bad boys out. Though you really can’t see the dress, you really can see the freshman year AWKWARDNESS. Good times.


  1. Love the refashion! What a brilliant idea – I love me some pleated skirts! :)

  2. looks awesome! super smart.

  3. I’m obsessing over pleats right now! This looks fabulous. And I love your top! I want to see it up close!


  4. That skirt is super cute but I can’t stop looking at your shoes! Where did you get them?

  5. GENIUS. I have a bunch of old fancy dresses that would make cute skirts. I had never even thought of that! :)

  6. Did you cover the elastic with material from the skirt for a waistband or just sew one thickness of elastic right sides together to the waistband? More detail about the waistband! It looks really cute and that was a good idea.

  7. Um, amazing job on the skirt! I have been looking for a skirt just like that and only if I was as amazing sewer as you are then I could just do the same thing. Well I am not. But love getting to see what you do!
    Pretty Little Mountains

  8. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Wow, wow, wowie! You are truly resourceful and truly “thrifty!” You need to show us how to use old prom dresses/bridesmaid dresses and refashion them in your own especially spectacular way! Can’t wait! Also, more pics of Beck. He is absolutely adorable!

  9. When do you have time to do all you do? What’s the trick? How can you be so creative and take care of a baby AND take care of the house and husband?! Amazing!

  10. this skirt turned out so pretty. i want to have it, too!

  11. I’ve been reading your amazing blog for a while but I’ve never commented but I couldn’t resist today. I was staring at those homecoming pictures because I recognized the background as being the lobby of DT! And then I realized those boys were all in my freshman ward! Was your date Justin Strickland? I can’t believe how long ago that was. And freshman year was way awkward.