+ QB refashion #2

I love how this frumpy peasant shirt became 2 things….a tube top with a ruffle (perfect for a swimsuit coverup!) or  a skirt with a ruffle. Nice and easy. Just chopped off the top and sleeves, sewed up the sides then took out the elastic from the sleeves and made it the waistband. Woot woot! Another refashion for Quincee’s Boutique…done!


  1. How clever! I’d wear that as a skirt because I still haven’t figure out how to be comfortable in tube tops. :)

  2. Woah. 2 for 1. That’s fabulous!


  3. Wow – that is great!!! Nice job!

  4. Holy cow!!!! that’s incredibly amazing! how did you ever come up with something like that? I love it a ton!!!

  5. beautiful…. nice job!

  6. love the skirt! unreal how cute it is!

  7. Nice!!! Love the top!!

  8. That looks great. The skirt is so cute.


  9. um, this is amazing!

  10. I would love to see the dress done!

  11. Just discovered your blog – and it is amazing!!!! Seriously I can’t get enough of it and this fashion flip is my favorite. Adoring!

    Your newest follower,

    P.S. Could your little Beck be any more ADORABLE?! 😀