+ taking in shoulders part 1: the shoulder strap or passant

Taking in shoulder seams are a big and essential part to refashioning oversized shirts! Of course, taking in the side seams and the sleeves are number one and pretty easy, but the trickiest part to taking in a big shirt, in my opinion, is trying to get the should seams to hit your shoulders, and not half way down your upper arm. So, I have a few tricks up my sleeve! No pun intended. First, the hardest way, yet the best looking is to chop off the sleeve at the shoulder, re-pin further in, then sew. But it is time consuming and hard. And I hate that way. So, an easier way is by taking the a shirt’s passant! Whats that you ask? Read further below for definitions ans instructions.  
By the way….these are new shoes I thrifted today for 4 dollars baby! Oh, and thanks mom for the shirt…also thanks for not liking how it fit on you because now it is MINE! All mine.

shirt: piperlime  pants/earrings: f21  shoes: thrifted 

top with passant
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
fabric pen or marking chalk
So, part one of taking in your shoulders when you refashion…..is how to take in a shoulder strap or passant. All you do is measure how much length you want out of the shoulder, then pin the passant’s right sides together making sure the amount of fabric is left out and sew.  Here you can cut out the remaining and iron OR you can sew and top stitch is back down! EASY! Coming up soon…part 2!


  1. That shirt is so awesome. And I had to pin the whole outfit. You are stinking talented, my friend.

    Freckles in April



  3. That top looks great! Its great how such a simple alteration can do so much

  4. amazing shoes & love the shirt- wish I could fix my big thrifted shirts {maybe one day}!


  5. what?! this is brilliant. i’m petite but most often **hate, hate, hate** petite clothing. what a simple way to take tops in to better fit my frame. will try this soon.

    btw: which f21 jeans are those? i love them!

  6. You have a super style! WOW!
    Newest fan here!
    I am LDS too and would love a follow back.

  7. Hey, girly girl! I think you look stunning…adorable…cute…perfecto! Love the color on you, too.