+ What we’ve been up to….

You know how I’ve been swamped with sewing these past week…well, here are some of the turn outs! Mary Ann (my sister-in-law who is the mother of these super cute little girls) worked on the skirts and I worked on the rest! This fabric was designed by Sarah Jane, who asked us to sew for her! Isn’t it the cutest fabric EVER. Anyway, that is why I’ve been super busy and why I haven’t been doing clothing tutorials in a few days. But I have a some AWESOME ones coming up soon!!
Check out how cute beck was at the bottom, he was running around with no pants on, I kept having to tell Beck to move his little booty our of the picture. He thought he was so dang funny.
He is SOOOOO cute….love this little man.

Oh, and I made this tie.


  1. Adorable! Love the fun fabrics too.

  2. All the kids look adorable!! :)

  3. I LOVE these outfits! they are so cute…and i’m not talking about the clothes! :]

    <3 Alphabet Soup come visit!

  4. cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!


  5. I need you to move to Salt Lake County so our boys can be friends and you can teach me how to take my drab wardrobe and turn it fabulous! I am really loving your refashion tutorials!

  6. Cute cute cute!